The ‘New’ Old Drink – Kombucha

By Dani Runnals

January 26, 2014

Have you heard of Kombucha? It is the “new” drink that has people all over the U.S. clinking their glasses to good health. This drink contains supposed “healing powers,” detoxifying qualities and many feel-good-about-your-body benefits. The catch? You may need to push past the combination of fizz, fuzz, and somewhat bizarre flavors.Kombucha Picture 1

Although a fairly new phenomenon to the United States, Kombucha is nowhere near youthful. It is said to be somewhere around 2,000 years old.  Starting with its birth in the Himalayas, Kombucha has been used for centuries in China and in many Chinese medicine practices. Being around for so long, this drink must have something going for itself.

Kombucha is a drink made from sweetened tea that has been fermented by colonies of bacteria. But not to worry, this bacteria does your body good! It contains bacteria known as probiotics which improve your health. These probiotics, specifically found in Kombucha, aid in regular digestion as well as the detoxification of your body. The more “good” bacteria we put into our bodies, the less likely we are to become sick.

Kombucha is 0.5 percent alcohol. This is resulted from the fermentation of the products within the drink. Those that contain substantial amounts of alcohol are most commonly found in home brewed bottles, although there are brands that sell Kombucha for people 21 and older. It is said that you could gain a small buzz off of Kombucha, although that may not be worth all the effort. The main purpose of Kombucha is to aid your body in beginning the healing processes.

Not only does this drink aid in the body’s healing, it also pulls out the countless toxins that get caught up in our system on a daily basis. Detoxing is an important part of maintaining great health. Think about it, how can you keep functioning when your “internal machinery” is covered in gunk? We need to get rid of the toxins we put into our bodies on a daily basis for our bodies to function at their fullest ability.

Next time you’re shopping for groceries, stroll down the aisle of the health food section and purchase a bottle of Kombucha. You can choose from brands like Synergy, which has flavors such as Original, Gingerade and Multi-Green.  Watch out for the taste, the first sip may surprise you! Nevertheless, grab a bottle, pour a glass and raise a toast to good health. Once you begin feeling the benefits, you will not want to stop treating your body well. Do your body a favor. Cheers!

About Dani Runnals

Dani Runnals is a sophomore at UNG Oconee and is pursuing a degree in Communication. Dani is a staff writer for the Life section of UNG's news source, Vanguard - Oconee.

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